Placing your digital content in the EDmarketplace

Please see the following steps for submitting your materials to us, and we will get your EDmarketplace listing up and running shortly.
Design the front part of your digital space (image i) This includes a company logo, company banner, text, and the cover images for boxes A and B. Your banner can link to a video or website. Boxes A and B will link to pop-ups A and B, respectively. Consider that buyers will look to box B for your new and seasonal products. Your ditital space is dynamic, and you can update it as permitted by your participation plan. Please note that both new and returning buyers will be looking at your page.
Populate your product pop-ups (images ii and iii)
Boxes A and B will link to product pop-ups. The standard format of Pop-up A features first a company logo, description, and video. You can then have as many product lines as you wish, please click the pop-up on the right for a form pop-up, or go to the example page here and click on one of the product pictures to see examples.
Image I
Image II
Image III